Dear India

davDear India.

Up in the clouds now.
Landing in London in 30 minutes. I plan on chilling with tunes whilst I await to board my flight to you. I will be with you by 11am tomorrow morning.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be embraced by you. I’m not sure if it is still all a dream that I will see you so soon. But I know for certain, our hearts will collide.

You with your colours, smells, tastes and everything sensual. The dark side to your beauty will also be present. But haven’t we all a side that we hide. The parts that are ugly. Insane. Possessive and cruel. But I know that you only ever wanted your colours and senses to be found.
I understand.
Me, with my small round self and soul ah glow.

So I will take you as you are. Yin to your yang.

My dream of meeting you has almost brought me to your view. But , life as we know India, isn’t as we always plan for.
So now, I am coming to you a more gentle and aware soul. My baggage is lighter, my mind freer and oh my heart.. So open.

I have read and listened to tales and ways you have enticed and enriched lives. By just being you. Raw. Filled with charm and grace. Stories have been told of how you are sometimes too open. Which as we know, can only hurt ourselves. Your ancestors and Gaia are abound within your earth and water ways. They heal and cleanse all, as the pass through.
What a wonder you are.

My wish for us is that we be gentle with each other. I will ask nothing of you but to allow me to see you and experience your way. Kindness and love is who I am.


Till the morning India, hold tight and hold light.



The Heath National School

Artist in Schools Scheme

Funded by Laois County Council Arts Office

The mural encompasses elements, symbols, colours and themes from moments and memories captured throughout The Heath NS’s colourful past up to Present day.